First time in JSDay Canarias

In this post I want talk about my experience at this event, which I’ve been to for the first time.

First, what is JSDay Canarias? Is a tech event focused on Javascript and its ecosystem. In this edition we have 4 workshops and 48 talks in English and Spanish all of them steered by professionals where the new tools will be explained as well as the current status of the JavaScript language and all its whole ecosystem.

At first I felt afraid to start talking to people, but I gradually lost my fear to talk with others and then I started getting in touch with some really interesting people.

The talks I have attended have been incredible. I’ve learned things I never thought I’d see and this has really opened my mind, especially the talk about adaptive architecture.

In conclusion, it was excellent and very entertaining, next year I will repeat.
The next event, where I am going to attend is React Alicante, which runs from September 29th to October 1st. I’m so excited to be able to go to such a big event.



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